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Continuous Improvement, Continuous Learning

Kaizen is a Japanese concept brought about by two words that when joined together mean "good work" or "improvement." The principle holds that the key to sustainable success is found in small yet consistent change. The term is typically used in the business sector; however, we find that it perfectly describes the approach that we take with our clients. At Kaizen Educational Consulting, we conduct an initial assessment, establish goals, and implement actionable steps to accomplish each goal. We tailor each service according to our clients’ needs and work to ensure satisfaction. The belief that undergirds each action is that there is always room for improvement.    

                                                           KIMBERLY R. DOUGLAS is an ardent supporter of education practiced well.                                                             She has served at Northeastern Academy in New York City, as a teacher for eight                                                             years and vice principal for three years. Most recently, Kimberly was                                                                                     Superintendent of Education for the Central States Conference schools. She is a                                                               proud Oakwood University alumna where she completed a BS in English                                                                           Language Arts Education. After graduating, she returned to New York to                                                                           complete an MA in Teaching of English from Teachers College at Columbia                                                                       University. Kimberly is currently on the journey to completing a Ph.D. in K-12                                                                     Educational Leadership at Andrews University (MI).


While she absolutely loves classroom instruction; school leadership, vision casting, and developing other educators bring great joy. Kaizen Educational Consulting was birthed out of a desire to encourage, equip, and educate teachers, school leaders, students, and their families. As a result of these partnerships, educators would be inspired to relentlessly pursue their passion, and students would strive for excellence in social and academic pursuits.

Our Founder
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