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A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Hello there!

Just like that, we’re one month into 2021 and easing into the month of LOVE! If you are a Valentine’s Day fanatic, great. If not, as Tabitha Brown would say, “that’s your business!” Either way, as administrators, teachers, or parents, I would like to encourage you to shower your darlings with a little extra love. Go ahead and try it! Don’t be shocked if you notice a positive difference in their behavior, overall demeanor, and performance. The plant that is fed grows; likewise, the heart that is loved flourishes.

Grand displays of love are great, but let us not forget small, intentional efforts. It’s the Kaizen way! If you are an administrator, instead of giving the same Valentine’s Day treat to everyone, consider adding a personal touch. Sing your coworkers’ praises in the most genuine way possible. If you are a classroom teacher, consider going around the classroom and sharing with each student what you most admire in each one. And parents, think about the area where your child needs a confidence boost, and let your creative juices flow. Those practices do not have to cost much, and they will certainly pay dividends for years to come.

Spread a little love this month, and if you feel so inclined, for the rest of the year. With everything going on in society, it wouldn’t hurt at all. Thank you so much to those who have already subscribed to Kaizen Insiders. If you haven't, drop your email address on the page below. Also, be sure to share the site with at least one other person. Spread love, be kind, and lighten someone else’s load. In doing so, my hope is that you will be blessed in like manner.

Au revoir,

Kimberly R. Douglas

Kaizen Educational Consulting

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