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New Year, Blank Slate

Happy New Year Kaizen Insider! Ok, so we’ve missed the January 01, 2021, mark by a few days, but we are still within the confines of week one. I hope that this year is already off to a great start for you. Honestly, almost anything is great when compared to the events of the previous twelve months.

As you begin to plan for the blank slate that is this new year, do keep a few things in mind:

success does not happen overnight and it does not happen spontaneously. Brainstorm, write, execute, and repeat! If you’re anything like me, you are probably feeling a little apprehensive about making grand plans or setting lofty goals. I have decided that I am going to do it anyway! I have a few that I’ll share for accountability purposes and others that will go straight from my mouth to God’s ears. Either way, let’s not allow the disappointments and setbacks of 2020 to prevent us from dreaming big.

Forty to fifty years ago, Dubai was a desert without any significant attraction. Because someone dared to dream big, Dubai is now a desirable travel destination boasting more than 220 Guinness World Records titles. What will be your transformed desert? What better time to commit to kaizen; continuous, incremental improvement in all areas of life.

Finally, take steps to protect your peace. Because we do not know what is coming, it would be wise to protect our peace reserves. I realize that the phrase “protect your peace” doesn’t explicitly offer much in the “how-to department”. For some, it may mean purchasing a good planner and using it to organize life events a bit better. Others may need to prioritize rest over entertainment. Take some time to determine what practices will work best in your context. Trust me on this one. It’s an investment that will yield great results.

Au revoir,

Kimberly R. Douglas

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