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Do A New Thing And Seek To Push The Envelope

Continuous Improvement, Continuous Learning

Kaizen is a Japanese concept brought about by two words that when joined together mean "good work" or "improvement." The principle holds that the key to sustainable success is found in small yet consistent change. The term is typically used in the business sector; however, we find that it perfectly describes the approach that we take with our clients. At Kaizen Educational Consulting, we conduct an initial assessment, establish goals, and implement actionable steps to accomplish each goal. We tailor each service according to our clients’ needs and work to ensure satisfaction. The belief that undergirds each action is that there is always room for improvement.    


The effects of COVID-19 have spread to every part of our lives, ushering in a new normal that challenges the way we live and think. At Kaizen Educational Consulting, we are committed to assisting you with the many challenges that this current pandemic has presented to the world of education.  


Kaizen Educational Consulting is an independent consulting firm whose focus is on helping educational leaders, teachers, and students achieve maximum success and potential. Whether through simple advising and counseling or by hands-on planning and assessment, Kaizen is committed to a thorough process and to providing a personal experience along the journey. Kaizen Educational Consulting is your must-have educational consulting provider. 


Kaizen was founded by Kimberly R. Douglas, a former teacher, vice-principal, and school superintendent, who has a deep passion for student success and education practiced well.  

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

From shaping school culture to quality reviews and strategic planning, we are here to help.

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Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned veteran, mentorship can be extremely beneficial.

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Get your teachers the resources, professional development, and assistance needed. 

We are also here for private schools. Get the attention needed to fit your context.

Join us for live events and training relevant for today's educator.

We are passionate about your scholar's success. Find out how we can help.


Mrs. Douglas was truly a godsend during my senior year as a mentor. She would do weekly check-ins to make sure I was staying on track in my certification process. She gave resources to use, But, more importantly, she believed in me and encouraged me holistically to get through. 


Elementary School Teacher & Mentee

This past Summit was informative and relevant. I most enjoyed that each topic was well organized and applicable to the current challenges facing educational institutions. 


Private School Principal

Honestly, attending the Education Summit far exceeded my expectation. all summer I attended all sorts of webinars and online workshops related to online instruction or science instruction, etc. But, from this event, I gained knowledge to enhance my pedagogy and information that could impact my future in the education field.  


High School Science Teacher

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